For added security at your home while you are away, Home Checked security operatives are available to carry out daily security checks at your home to maintain a lived in look and perform domestic tasks such as wheeling household bins out for collection and watering plants.

Home Checked residential services are competitively priced and offered as a pick and mix range so clients only choose the services they require.



The Home Security Check comprises of:

  • Daily home security inspection
  • Putting out waste and recycle bins for collection
  • Watering plants

The Home Security Check service can be supplemented with the Home Checked Wait-In service (daily admin charge exempted) or other options from the Home Checked Additional Services range.

Additional Services

Clients registered for the Home Security Check service can also book one or more options from the Additional Service range below.

  • Multiple Home Security Checks per day (choice of either 1 or 2 additional checks. Maximum of 3 home security checks per day)
  • Letter opening service (service charged daily) – The Home Checked team can arrange to open, scan and email important letters delivered to your home while you are away. The letter opening service will be carried out at your property and scanned copies deleted once the email has been sent to the client
  • Wait-In Service (minimum of 2 hours per booking, e.g. 1pm – 3pm, no daily admin charge). Service can be booked in 2-hours or 3-hours blocks from 7am until 7pm daily.
  • Plug-In Timer Hire (Daily hire charge per plug-in timer). Deter intruders by using a hired plug-in timer to switch lighting and other appliances on and off at pre-set times.
  • Outdoor Plant Watering Service (service charged daily) – The Home Checked team can water garden and other external plants. Popular especially in the summer months.


For clients who would rather spend precious time on other life interests rather than waiting on home deliveries and tradesmen appointments, Home Checked can be booked to stand in and wait respectfully at your home for deliveries and other home appointments.

The Wait-In service can be booked independently of other Home Checked options. Bookings for the Wait-In service are for the whole hour in blocks of either 2-hours or 3-hours.

Standard Wait-In booking hours are from 8am until 6pm and Premium Wait-In bookings start or end out outside the standard booking hours and charged higher. There is a daily admin charge of £10.00 for Wait-In Service.



Come rain or shine, sleet or snow, you can rest assured upon notification of an alarm trigger a Home Checked security operative will speedily attend to your property to carry out necessary inspections and re-secure the premises.

Home Checked deliver a professional key holding service for commercial and residential properties allowing clients to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Peace of Mind: Transferring the responsibility of keyholding from friends, family and employees to Home Checked eliminates the risks involved in attending to an activated alarm at any time of the day.
  • Always on Call: For alarm activation or scheduled security visits, the Home Checked highly trained team are always on standby to attend to residential and commercial properties.
  • Insurance Validity: Do not accidentally invalidate your insurance. Failure to activate your alarm due to alarm fatigue (i.e. alarm being triggered unduly frequently) may invalidate your insurance. Home Checked will attend to your property, carry out necessary inspections, and re-activate your insurance once notification is received that an alarm has been triggered.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to our clients is total and we work to ensure clients are always satisfied with the quality and reliability of our services.

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